Awesome list of Referral Program Examples


Just added this to Growthhacklist. An Epic List Of 74 Referral Programs!

What are the best referral programs?

PayPal. They literally gave away free money, and it worked out great for them. And this was before social media!
Dropbox. Modelled after PayPal, Dropbox’s referral program got 4 million users in 15 months
Airbnb. A single user in China led to thousands of signups and hundreds of bookings in a single month.
Uber. They’ve been in a unique position to run multiple referral programs at once – for users and for drivers.
Tesla – $1,000 for both advocate and friend, with quite a start-studded list of advocates!
Amazon Prime –Likely one of the most heavily-used referral programs in recent times.
Google – When the front page of the Internet decides to run a referral program, it’s worth looking into.
Evernote. Their referral program relies on a point system.

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