How Snappa Built An Entire Business From One Keyword And One Viral Blog Post


"In 2015, Chris Gimmer and his co-founder Marc Chouinard built an entire business on the back of one keyword and one viral blog post. Sound impossible? Yeah, it did to us too.

We asked Chris if we could interview him about the story and he graciously agreed.

You’re about to learn:

The dead-simple SEO strategy Chris followed to rank for “free stock photos”—a very competitive keyword in Google
How he leveraged traffic from that keyword to build a totally new business—all in less than 12 months"

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It’s pretty cool. I read the entire blog post and I must say it’s an informative piece of writing. Well, blog inspires me a lot whether you’re searching for start a food blog or about travel blogs, you’ll find a ton of sites directing you how to make it. These days influencers are doing a great job online and they’re also making good out of it.


Hey Rahul, glad that you liked it! What are you working on?