Introduction: Welcome to the forum


Hey everyone,

I am Tobi the maker of Growthhacklist and this little Q&A forum. My other projects I am building are:


Happy to get your feedback on the sites and also on Growthhackforum. Also feel free to get in contact with me on Twitter

Cheers :v:,


Hey everyone,

I’m Dave, founder of Fan Futsal, which is a simplified fantasy soccer website.

My background is in business (accounting & finance) and I have a bit of experience with product management. I’ve picked up a few dev skills along the way too, but I’m interested in learning more about how to grow my startup.

Excited to learn from the community and hopefully contribute some items myself.

  • Dave


Hey Dave,
how are you doing? Did you try some of the growth hacking methods from Growthacklist already?


Hey Tobi,

I’ve tried a few of the social media and growth hacking ones. Nothing has been super effective yet but it’s early in my efforts so I didn’t expect them to be.


Ok cool. Will add soon more social media methods…currently I am adding some methods for SEO of

Take a look at the CTR Method and perhaps at the power words also…it is easy to implement. I think the CTR method can be useful for your site too. You can find both methods in the SEO table in Growthhacklist


Thanks for sharing, I’ll be sure to check out the links.


Hey GrowthHackForum,

I am Alex, I run Growth at GrasphEQ, out first product is Carrot - Live Emotion Recognition for Video calls.

We are couple of weeks away from launch and onboarding people one by one for testing and feedback.

We mainly aim for people who are doing many video calls with clients or prospect and want to get additional insights.

Check it out, and will be happy to have you:



Hey Alex, welcome to the Forum! Carrot looks nice! What growth hacking methods yre you guys using right now? What worked best?