Landing page feedback for Fan Futsal


Hey everyone,

I’d really appreciate feedback on my landing page for Fan Futsal.

Please let me know if you have suggestions to improve it.



Hey Dave,
on my mac/chrome browser the video is placed to high. So i would try to center it.

Also I would try to increase the mobile/desktop showcase

I really like the video, so i would to highlight it in a better way on the landing page. BTW how did you make it?


Hey Dave,

just read this article:

Could be something for you…I am sure there is a subreddit for soccer where you could write a post about fanfutsal. Check the Social Media category in Growthhacklist to find more about reddit.


Thanks for the feedback Tobi.

And I made the video for free using PowToon. The site is:

It’s really easy to use and I made the full video by myself including my voiceover in about 6 hours total. It may be a good resource for you to highlight on the growth hacking site. And if anyone has questions, I can try to answer them.


And thanks for the reply about reddit. I’ve tried using it a bit but haven’t had a ton of success with it and other forum sites because my posts often come across as too promotional. I definitely need to do better with structuring my posts as these networks are very valuable.

I just haven’t found the sweet spot yet.


Yeah, Reddit is really hard! I had my experiences too…take a look at the articles perhaps it helps! Also try to start with the SEO hacks…Check your metadescription and try out the CTR Method and the powerwords…think it is a good start and easy to implement.