Landing page feedback for


I want to improve the landing page of

What would you change?

Here are some ideas I have: Add testimonials, free pdf download, improve landing page video, improve call to action

Looking forward to your feedback!


The landing page is great right now.

I like your thought of adding testimonials.

Also, it may be good to list the price earlier. Right now it’s at the bottom and your value prop is that you’ve aggregated all of these great resources for only $29.

Lastly, either more vertical lines or differentiated color background between the sections. It looks a little jumbled once you get below the video. Differentiating those sections would be useful.

Great work though.


Thanks Dave! Will try to add the price on the button. Perhaps run a A/B test. Also added memberful as payment system but somehow had a better sale rate with Paypal/Strip button. Any thoughts on that?

Also will re-record the video because database looks bit different now, with new sections.


Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with payment systems. Wish I could help, but I’ve got nothing on that front.